Friday, April 17, 2009

Matthew, Jimmy and Joe painted the game room yesterday, while I unpacked several bins that had been brought down. The boys worked hard only stopping for a quick bite at lunch and then back to work!

I LOVE the results and as a reward we fired up the hot tub!!! Oh! this move is going to be so goooood!


Nancy said...

the color is very pretty. I bet the hot tub felt really good after the work day.
We had one in Florida, it was great.
Your house is going to be sooooooooo nice.

shirley said...

Terri, the house is coming along and I can see why you are so excited. The boys and Joe are making it look so awesome. They just need to follow your directions and it will be a showcase for sure. I'm so excited for you.

Paula said...

That green is so pretty and the hot tub looks so....ahh!