Monday, March 30, 2009

The work goes on...

I have been working at the house every chance I get. So far, I have painted the parlor, the living room, 2 bedrooms upstairs and the hallway upstairs. It is slow going when I can only work 4 or 5 hours, before having to drive the 1 1/2 hours back to Buffalo. Still, I am making progress.
It drives Joe crazy, but I am bringing furniture down every time I go as well. I figure, why wait til the last minute? I want to be able to open the door, turn on the hot tub, pour a glass of wine and be done with the "move".
This is a really lovely banner that my friend Shirley made me. I love it so much I hung it on the mantel in my parlor. Shirley is a true artist when it comes to banners. I am so blessed that she took the time to make one just for me! Thanks again Shirley!!
Here is my "welcome home" gift to myself. It is an antique Boston Terrier door stop. Isn't he wonderful? I just love him! He is now standing guard in the parlor waiting for the warmer weather to come so he can hold the door open allowing the warm spring breezes to sweeten the air.
I'll be starting to remove wallpaper next week. Anyone who wants to come help , come on down! I won't say no!


Nancy said...

I think your house is going to be a masterpiece when it is ready to move in. Your little dog is really cute.
I so love your beautiful floors and windows. It is going to be worth all you are doing.

shirley said...

Terri, I love the woodwork. It is beautiful. No wonder you are happy to be back HOME! the banner looks great and I love your little doggy door stop. Does he have a name?

WhineNRoses said...

The house is coming along so well and looks amazing!!
I love the banner shirley made!! So sweet!!!
Good luck with everything.