Tuesday, March 31, 2009

19 years ago today....

This man married me, despite all the warnings against such a rash decision. If I have made him half as happy as he's made me that, would be a lot!
Not only is he an excellent husband, provider, lover, and father to our 5 children, he is my best
friend. I love you, Joe, with all of my heart.
Here's to you sweetheart! You are the best!


shirley said...

Terri, that is beautiful. Joe is very handsome and I'm so happy that you love him. Happy anniversary.
Your friend,

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to hear happy stories.
He is a good looking man.

Michelle said...

happiest of anniversaries!!

Heidi said...

Happy anniversary to you and Joe! 19 years is great. We have anniversaries close to each other as mine is on April 4th. Enjoy another wonderful year together.

Hugs ~

Kerri said...

I'm sure you've made him just as happy as he's made you :)
Wishing you a wonderfully happy anniversary...a little late.
Our 38th is coming up in 2 days, on April 17th.
And every year a blessing! :)