Sunday, March 08, 2009

The latest on the house......

Well, we got our house back. Two different sets of tenants have certainly taken their toll, but we are beginning to work on returning her to the beauty she was. First we are dealing with some plumbing issues.....the gentleman is also going to help us re-do the bathroom and kitchen an maybe even help us put in a pond. I am excited about that!
We will start by cleaning and painting the rooms and hanging curtains. All furniture will be transferred down as soon as I think Joe won't kill me (We aren't moving until June, so he doesn't see the rush. O.K. he has a point, but I can't stand it!!!!)
I still need to price and put in a fence and a mini-barn too. No critters until those two things get done and, OH!, how I've missed my chickens and goats! I can't wait to get back to the country you all! I just can't hardly stand it!


Susie Q said...

I know you are excited and so ready to get back to this wonderful home! I hope all goes well for you and that your other house will sell quickly!


Nancy said...

Did you sell your other house? This is just a beautiful house. I love the low windows. I hope all goes well and you are in very soon.

Heidi said...

I just love that house as you know! Have you sold the other one? I think it is good that you can go in and make some changes to claim your house back as your home. I hope you will share photos once you can get your goats and chickens. Oh how I love chickens. :)

Hugs ~