Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The beginning of Lent 2009

It's been a slow moving February, hasn't it? I always find it ironic that the month with the least number of days almost always drags on (and on....and on...and on). Not really spring yet...more the dregs of winter. YUCK!

Today being Ash Wednesday we began our morning with a mad dash to Mass as 6:40 this morning. Being familiar with what we loving know as "Speed Mass" when Mons. Joe is officiate, we were trying to get there extra early. This might have been achieved had eldest son not mislaid the van key when he returned home the night before. SO we didn't get there early, but we did get there. Yeah us!!

Then I cleaned like a crazy person because someone wanted to view the house. Now usually, I am not home when these potential buyers come by, but I had to wait for a carpet guy (don't ask) so I couldn't leave. Anyway, I am putting away the trash cans when I see the realtor (not our gal, but another woman from her office) pull up in front of the house. She strolls up the walk introduces herself, hands me her card, tells me the client will be here momentarily and then says, "Her husband has issues with stairs. I don't know why she wants to see this house." Well, thanks. So glad I could waste my time providing a mornings entertainment for a woman who won't buy my house, but just wanted to see it. SIGH. I say again: SIGH.

Well forget all that. I have a new favorite magazine. It's called Hobby Farm Home. It's what Country Living (U.S.) SHOULD be but isn't. LOVE IT! If you have any interest at all in rural life, check out a copy it is so interesting and well done. I think you'd enjoy it. I know I do. Enough to actually spring for a subscription! (Hey! I don't subscribe to that many magazines because they all seem to use the same photos over and over and their interest level on the Terri scale varies so greatly from issue to issue. It's better to check them out at Barnes and Noble and decide on an issue to issue basis!)
Check out this chicken coop I found in Hobby Farm Homes. This is like a dream chicken coop! (Stop rolling your eyes Lisa! It is a very chic coop!) You can have this dropped on site, anywhere in the country with no shipping. LOVE IT!

But my chicken days are a little ways off yet
So I must content myself with getting ready
for the garden. This little indoor green house

is helping me out this year. Now I just have to

actually remember to water the poor little

seedlings and I'll be golden!!

Just 2 more little discoveries I found lately. #1 is Mango flavored Vodka. Mixed with mango juice it is really a very tasty cocktail! Unfortunately I gave up all alcohol for Lent, so my bottle will be nice and icy when I finally get back to it in 6 weeks.

#2 is the show Leverage. It's on Tuesdays and that's my NCIS night so I only just started watching but it is a really well done show. Don't you just love it when the bad guys get what is coming to them? And Timothy Hutton is a great favorite of mine, so give it a peek when you get the chance.

To my friend, and she knows who she is: I love you. I am praying for you and I am so glad it's not as bad as was thought. Look for a letter from me in a few days!

Off to drop off the Jeep at the garage.....Son #1 is having car issues with my Jeep. Need to get that fixed pronto. Major loss of teenage cool points when your car don't run right!

What are you all up to these days? You do know spring is just right around the corner don't you?


Nancy said...

Well, I am sure it was not fun to know you were showing the house to someone who had no intention of buying it. How dumb.
Heidi would love that chicken coop. She has no place for chickens, but sure wants them. LOL.
Hope you car problems leave soon.
Have a good day.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've bought one copy of that magazine so far, and I enjoyed it very much. It was the issue with the yarn hooked rugs. I thought those were so pretty.

Jill said...

Hello!!! Long time no see! I saw you on potager and you mentioned moving back to your house so I thought I better see what's up in your life! How exciting that you are moving back!

This magazine looks fantastic and I'm certainly going to check it out.