Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been terribly remiss in my blogging lately. And I miss it and you blogging friends. Let me tell you what's been going on

As you know, we are switching houses. To prepare, I have made several trips down to the Finger Lakes to drop up bins and boxes of clutter. It's 3 hours round trip. We have made a day of it a few times. Visiting with friends. Lovely, but time consuming.

I was prepared to quit my little Pier One job. I actually did quit. But, I like them and they like me and I enjoy working there. So I withdrew the resignation and I will be working one day a week until I have to quit.

Also, they have FINALLY scheduled the TR inaugural site docent training. That will be taking up some time beginning in March (Oh, Yeah. I will still be volunteering at the site. No way I will pass up that opportunity. LOVE TR!)

The viewings of our house have been fairly frequent. You ever try to keep a house really clean when all 5 children living in the house are off from school for mid-winter break??? It's a near miracle that I am not either an alcoholic or locked up in a padded cell somewhere! HA!
Today, is a repeat showing. These folks came by day before yesterday and really liked the house. Now they want to bring another family member to see the place. Pray for us! The sooner we sell, the sooner my poor children can relax again in their own home!

So aside from all this and the fact that I am having trouble sleeping ( I wake up thinking about the house. Who should we get to paint it? How long before we can put the fence up? Do the floors need polishing or refinishing? Paint or Paper? You get the idea..) I haven't been able to focus on anything...much less blog about anything. Heck! I haven't even been keeping up with my daily blog visits to your sites...I can't even seem to keep up with emails!

Please don't give up on me. I will be back. Soon, I hope. I really do miss all my blogging friends.


Paula said...

You're plate is extremely full right now. We know you'll be back, just take the time to take care of the stuff you need to right now. Sounds promising on selling the house. That's wonderful! I do hear you on trying to keep it in show condition. That is TOUGH. Hate that part!
Good luck to you guys. Good vibes being sent your way...

Nancy said...

I hope the people buy the house so you can get back to life as you want it to be. Is there a Pier One where you are moving? Maybe you can transfer. Good luck

Salesdiva said...

Ha Ha! I guess the lame blogger comment worked. Now, I gotta come up with something really good for Joe. He'd ignore me unless I really stick it to him. LOL.

Love you both and Ron & I are looking forward to getting in the hot tub. Soon.

Susie Q said...

We will be here when you have time Terri...don't you worry about that!
I will keep you in thought and heart and prayer that all goes well and quickly!


sa said...