Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My latest craze: Bento boxes!

What a cool way to combine cooking, nutriton and creativity! Let me tell ya, the kids are excited about taking lunch now! LOL!
I read, that in Japan some moms make their supper plans based on left overs that they can make the next day's lunches with!
We've got 2 boxes right now and will probably get more. They are cheaper on Ebay, but they have them on Amazon as well.

Here' s a how to video on filling a bento box. It's just so cool!

Crafting a Bento - More DIY How To Projects


Salesdiva said...

*shaking head* Do you still have that job. GO TO WORK.

Paula said...

Forget the kids, I want someone to make me lunches like that!

Heidi said...

I love these and have never seen them before. What a fun thing and they can't be for kids? :)

Christmas hugs ~