Friday, November 21, 2008

Who shot J.R.?

I was working 2nd shift, but fortunately it was a slow night in the E.R. and I remember getting my 2nd rounds done and rushing to the Doctor's lounge to find out who dunnit! Did you watch the show? Did you in a million years suspect Kristin? I didn't but should have! What else would you expect from a hussy who would sleep with her sister's husband!!!

November 21: General Interest 1980 : Millions tune in to find out who shot J.R.On this day in 1980, 350 million people around the world tune in to television's popular primetime drama "Dallas" to find out who shot J.R. Ewing, the character fans loved to hate. J.R. had been shot on the season-ending episode the previous March 21, which now stands as one of television's most famous cliffhangers. The plot twist inspired widespread media coverage and left America wondering "Who shot J.R.?" for the next eight months. The November 21 episode solved the mystery, identifying Kristin Shepard, J.R.'s wife's sister and his former mistress, as the culprit.

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Nancy said...

Boy, I remember this. During part of this time I was in England and even they were talking about it. Time flies.
Have a great day, for us it is a snowy one