Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday doins'

Since our Santa Claus days are, sadly, behind us now we went ahead and set up the tree and wrapped our gifts and put them under the tree. I am hoping that if we get some of the Christmas things out of the way early, we will have more time to enjoy and reflect on the reason for the season. We got the tree up Thursday and we decorated it Friday, so when I came downstairs to make the coffee Saturday morning I was greeted by a shining tree all lit up!

The day started off slowly and sweetly with coffee and books in bed. All days should begin this way! I think someone should make it a rule! No jumping out of bed and jolting into the day! Slow and easy does it!!

This is my favorite find of the week: It is a holy water font. I got cheap, cheap on ebay and it is lovely. We had some holy water that was blessed by our parish priest and now every time we walk out the door we can first remind ourselves of our baptism and how each day we are cleaned and renewed in Christ's love. Isn't that a wonderful thought as we head out into the world each day? I think it is.
After a day of errands and cleaning Joe, Matt, Gilli and Jim sat down to play a little poker...Dealer's choice!
What, you may ask did they use for money? MONEY! We don't need no stinkin' money! We use M &Ms! Daddy pretty much creamed the kids (Hey! This is big news! Last time Gillian was the big winner! LOL), but he put his winnings in the candy bowl for everyone to share and enjoy. He's such a great dad!
Church this morning and Football this afternoon. It's a typical weekend at home, but really, those are the best kind! Don't you think?


Kim said...

Love your tree. Santa still comes here but we put up the tree right after thanksgiving.

Nancy said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I can't believe you already have gifts under it. Wow. I never do put gifts under mine, since I put up a village but, I don't yet have a tree up orrrrrr any gifts bought. LOL.
It does look like you found a great way to start the day too.

Susie Q said...

Now, THAT is how a morning should be!! Slow and quiet...ahhh...

Whoa! I have all teh Fall things to take down so it will be a few days...many days...till Christmas arroves here I am afraid. Santa still comes...Grace is holding onto that fast and furious as is her BFF. Oh well. we enjoy it even though we know this is probably the last year...*sigh*

I hope your Thanksgiving was a sweet one. Blessings to you all!