Friday, October 17, 2008

This weeks finds

This week was busy, so I didn't do my normal day before trash day drive around to scout for good stuff other folks were throwing out. I did, however , spot where a neighbor a block over had trimmed her hydrandeas and thrown out the heads! I have always wanted a dried arrangement of hydrangeas, but never had one. (My own plant is too small and didn't bloom this year) Now, I have tons of blooms to dry and save. I was so tickled! I just need to google some photos to see how best to arrange them!

My lovely daughter has learned well from her mother. She came rolling home with this baby:

How great is that? My old one was HUGE and we decided we neither needed it, nor had the space for it so it was left behind at the farm. I do need something, though and this (with a couple of coats of Rustoleom ( )will be perfect! Gilli has moved right to the top of my "favorite kid" list! LOL

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