Sunday, August 17, 2008

Senior Picture Proofs are back!!!

My Baby in a tux! Just the start of all the things to come! I think the photos ar are all great! Whch do yu like best?


Diane said...

How can you possibly choose from this great group of pictures???

#1 and #3 make him look very grown up. He looks so comfortable and relaxed in #6. He looks great in all of them.

Let us know which ones you choose.

Meggie said...

Senior pictures, oh, what fun! They all look will be quite a job selecting the best ones. Good luck!

Michelle said...

thank you for your comment/prayers on my post about my husband's upcoming deployment! I'm a little behind responding to comments!

Those are great senior pics! I like 4 or 5 the best.

Heidi said...

Aren't you far too young to have a senior in high school??? :) I hope he has a great year!

Hugs ~

Susie Q said...

I love 5, 7 and 2 the best but they are ALL great! He is really a handsome guy!


brenda said...

I like #2. What a good looking young man!