Wednesday, July 02, 2008

There is something about a train...........

Finally! The week of our first "big" vacation in a couple of years has arrived! We drove down to VA on Saturday afternoon and boarded the Amtrak car/train bound for Florida. I adore trains! I was as excited about HOW we were traveling as I was about where we were going. It was amazing!

There were snacks and movies to keep the kids occupied until bedtime. I just watched out the window as we crossed from VA into the Carolinas....I so badly wanted to throw down the window and smell the honey suckle and feel the hot humid air I remember so vividly from my childhood in Kentucky. Sigh. I miss living in the south. But I digress....

The seats were like recliners and were pretty comfortable, though I think we will spring for a sleeper compartment next time (Won't that be the bomb? I get giddy just thinking of it! LOL)

I loved the dining car, because it reminded me of the ones in the old movies. Of course the china and silver were replaced with plastic, but still it "felt" the same. If they would have let me sit there the whole trip I would have! The little flower vase stuck to the table...sipping tea as the train flies down the track towards our destination. Heaven!

The next morning we arrived in Sanford Florida. I didn't take long for them to unload the van from the train and then we were off to Orlando to begin our vacation.

For me, though, it started the minute I boarded the train. I won't even mind when vacation is over, because we get to go back on the train too!

Here are a few hints if you decide to travel this way though:

1)Eat before you get to the station. There is nothing there but a VERY pricey shoppette. It
would be a good idea to bring snacks and drinks along for the ride too. Though there are free
snacks offered on the train anything more substantial is priced a little high for my tastes.

2) If you can, get a sleeper car.

3) If you travel coach bring a "real" pillow. They offer little pillows for your comfort, but they
are too small to be really comfortable.

4) Do expect to wait for awhile both before you board and after you arrive. If you try to cut
your timing too tight you will be disappointed. The wait for the car wasn't long, but I
was so excited that the wait to board the train seemed to take forever (patience is not one of
my virtues, I'm afraid)

5) If you are a female use the bathroom BEFORE you get off the train. The station was full of
people waiting for their cars and others waiting to board and, as usual there was a huge line at
the ladies room (why won't they put 2 ladies rooms in for every one men's? They KNOW
it takes us longer. )
Flying is o.k. but the train....the train is romance and excitement and and fun, with fewer hassles. I would travel this way always if I could...LOVE IT!


Paula said...

I am so going to do this someday. Sounds wonderful! Glad you guys are finally off on your vacation. Have fun!!

Meggie said...

I can feel your excitement as you travel by train...such wholesome enthusiasm! Hope you had a great time in Florida.