Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spa Day

I have never been to a spa or had a massage before. My friend Lisa thought this was a terrible thing and set about to remedy the situation. She made us appointments for a body polish and a hot stone massage at the resort where we're staying.

First, the gave us each a glass of wine. Not a bad start even if it was only 11 o'clock in the morning! Next we were led to private rooms where we were told to disrobe and handed shower caps and a little plastic thing that turned out to be a thong made out of saran wrap and elastic bands. (I never heard of such a thing and had to ask the attendant what the heck it was! LOL I'm such a rube!)

Next, they had me lay down on my back and rubbed/scrubbed my whole entire body with a salt and herbal mixture that smelled divine!!! (Word to the wise here...don't shave your legs BEFORE you go and have this done. I didn't want the masseuse scraping cutting their hands on my stubble so I had shaved that morning. The scrub stung my legs a little! )

Next, they gave me flip flops and a robe and led me to the showers to rinse off all of the scrub. When I finished that they laid me back down and rubbed lotion allllllll over my body.....It was wonderful

Olga came a got me for the massage. I don't actually know what she did because I couldn't see (I was either laying on my stomach or, when face up, I had a little eye cover so I couldn't see) But the gist of it was that, instead of using her hands to do the massage, she used heated smooth stones. OH MY GOODNESS! I COULD GET USED TO THIS!
This whole thing was ridiculously expensive BUT SO WORTH IT! Treat yourself and visit a spa with a girlfriend or two. They have couples packages as well so you can bring your sweetheart along. I think that's what I'll do next time!

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Meggie said...

The whole experience sounds heavenly!