Monday, July 28, 2008

My weekend

Oh, the weekend started out nicely. I pulled the tape off from around the tub I painted. Can you see that finish? It looks good! It still has to dry for a few more days, then I can put the hardware back and Joe can caulk around the edges and PRESTO! A beautiful CLEAN tub. I only hope the finish lasts now.

I worked on the trellis and hung up those window boxes I found last spring. Next year they will be full of strawberries!
These chairs were on clearance for $10. If there are anymore left on payday, I may get a couple more. Just perfect for sipping Pomegranate Martinis of an evening.

Dinner was easy. We went to Peter and Maria's for hotdogs and hamburgers. It was a nice summer evening spent with friends. What more can you want?

Saturday we played by the pool most of the day. Joe had a conference and wasn't free until after lunch, but it was a nice afternoon.

Alice discovered a funny looking Caterpillar and followed it all over the pool deck! Too funny!

And then reality struck. Our Joey invited a Marine recruiter over to the house Saturday evening. Joe and Joey listened, asked and answered questions and discussed options. By the end of the evening, Joey had decided to become a Marine.

You know, one day, that your child will be an adult, but I wonder if a mama's heart is ever really ready when the day finally arrives? A mixture of pride and terror struck my heart and I spent most of Sunday on the back deck laughing with my family and shedding a few tears in the knowledge that soon we will be one less at the family dinner table and hoping and praying that I've done a good enough job as his mama to prepare him for life. I love him so much. He is a wonderful young man and we're all terribly proud of how he's turning out.

So, now it's Monday again. There are letters to mail and appointment to make. Clothes and dishes to be washed and errands to be run. It is an ordinary Monday in every way except for the knowledge brought home by the weekend's events that these days are precious and fleeting
and we have been so blessed by God with so much. Now we need to let go of one of those gifts and let him choose his own path.
We love you Joey. You make us so proud!


Salesdiva said...

The Marines? I never saw that coming. Wow.

Librarian Lee said...

Wow. I have all daughters; I can only imagine what you must be feeling. it sort of stops my heart a minute...YOur weekend sounds just lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I want to know all about that bathtub painting business too! Kudos! Oh and....yes...personal time in the morning; I think it makes a difference, a few minutes with you and God..I'm finding it makes a major change in my attitude toward the day. ~Lee

Diane said...

My heart skipped a beat when I read about Joey deciding to become a Marine. I know you're proud of him, but that still doesn't keep you from having those "mom" instincts. I know, I have a son in the Army. He's been all over the world to include Bosnia and Iraq. I don't care how big they get nor how old they are, they're still our babies.

The tub looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to hearing how it holds up. You will share that with us, too, won't you?

Enjoyed seeing all your other projects, too. You are truly creating a beautiful home.

phd in yogurtry said...

Gulp! A tough, sweet pill to swallow (signing up).

Meggie said...

Good luck to your Joey! I can't imagine your mixed feelings....

Paula said...

Congrats to Joey for making that hard decision. I know how you're feeling, Terry, with two Army soldiers of our own and a nephew in the Air Force. It is hard, but you will be so proud of him at the same time. Keep your chin up, Mom, and treasure these last days at home. When does he go?

Cottage said...

Terri, Congratulations on Joey making his decision. Couldn't have been easy or more life altering. Being a great kid and so well adjusted (thanks to a great mom and dad) he is ready for the challenges that lay ahead. And thankfully, he will have lots of guidance and help to stay focused on building a great life for himself.

Much to look back on this next year, being his last at being the child his mom and dad raised...much to look forward to as well.

And he had to make his own way, in his own way. He has to be able to stand Beside his dad without following in his foot steps. Gotta hand it to him. He is a strong minded young man, no doubt.


Laura said...

Congratulations! You must feel both proud and nervous. My 16-year-old talks about the military from time to time and I have those same feelings just contemplating the possibility...

Best wishes,