Monday, June 02, 2008

The NEW game room

Yesterday was a good day. I got things accomplished that I WANTED to and didn't feel like I HAD to...does that make sense?

When we were out yard saling on Friday, we found 2 matching love seats. Worn, somewhat, but good quality. I spent the rest of my monthly "thrifting" allotment on them! They have been sitting in the garage since we brought them home and I wanted to find a way to make them work in our game room.

This is the room where the kids' computer and their gaming systems are set up. It's the room the entertain friends in and do their homework in.

As much as I love the shabby chic look, white and pastel was not going to work in this room!
I like fall colors and jewel tones anyway, so this was going to work for me! I put the couches across from each other but at an angle, so you can see the television and/or the fire place. The effect is pleasing whether you are sitting on one of the couches or just walking into the room.
The pool table/air hockey table is probably going to be sold (we took a vote 3 to 4 to sell. I could over rule, but I guess I'll let it go, though I don't know what we'll put in that space) in the mean time, I moved it over on the hardwood. I had to take my dollhouse out to make more room around the table, but that's o.k. The raised farm table closes down and becomes smaller. I eliminated 4 of the stools and pushed it against the wall facing AWAY from the television, so persons doing homework, won't get distracted! LOL

Today I will get out my fabric box and see if I have enough of anything to make new curtains. As you can see, there's a lot of windows in this room. I want to leave the natural light and view to the back yard , I think, so valances are the ticket!
By borrowing pieces and things from other rooms this room was essential done free...well except for the love seats, but it made a big difference! The kids came home from CCs and really loved their new "spot". When teenage BOYS like a room enough to compliment it over and over you know you did something right!
I would like either a low, square coffee table or a long and low bench or ottoman to put between the couches for either feet or serving trays. I will be keeping my eyes open for something like that. But for now it's pretty and it's functional and it uses the space well.


Kim said...

Love the room . Don't you just love it when things just come together. The love seats are a great find.

Sandi McBride said...

Set the doll house up where the pool/air hockey/table is, can't believe you didn't think of that...I have two doll houses that I love dearly...I love the little loveseats...why can't I find stuff like that! So glad you came by to see me, thanks for the comment Terri!

Nancy said...

Well, the kitty approves the new loveseat, so that has to count for something. You JUST CANNOT remove your dollhouse from the room. This coming from a lover of dollhouses, LOL. That was a good find.

Nancy said...

Hi again:
I just saw your son the Life Scout
picture, and just have to tell you, I thought it was a picture of Harry Potter. LOL. He could be his stand in. I couldn't leave a comment on that entry for some reason.

Pat said...

Hi Terri!

Your room makeover came out great! I'm sure with teens it's great to have such a welcoming place for them to gather in your own home. Congrsats on your son becoming a life scout, too!
We've been back from Ireland for a week and I've been blogging about it. Hope you can come over and see the new places we visited.
Hugs, Pat

Kelli said...

Your gameroom makeover looks great, Terri! The loveseats are wonderful and it looks the kitty likes them too. :0)

Paula said...

It looks so warm and cozy! I love fall colors, too. They just seem to hug you. Is that tags I see hanging from the curtains? I'm going to have to enlarge the picture so I can look closer...

Paula said...

OH, I see now. How cute they are!! I want to hang out in your new room. Are you up for a game of air hockey???

Susie Q said...

I think it all looks wonderful! I LOVE the love seats! What a great addition!

It id fun to do this isn't it??

Oh!! I WANT a doll house!!!