Saturday, May 24, 2008


With a little help from our friends (that's Mary and Jen there) Joe embarked on the great tile floor laying adventure!
First Joey and Joe layed the tile vertically then went back to the top and layed it horizontally until, at the end of the night (and it really was the end of the night, too! Nearly 11:30 when they quit for the evening...)TAA DAA! This morning they have to do the "cut" pieces around the right and bottom edges. Then, tomorrow he grouts and tomorrow night I can put my furniture back in and throw a party! Woo Hoo!
I puttered all day. I did manage to stain the window boxes I found a couple of weeks back. They are going to look GREAT! But probably won't get filled and installed until next weeked.

Oh and,finally here is (I think) a little bit of film of Gillian's concert. Is anyone else having problems downloading movies with blogger? It takes forever and then it fails. Bummer.

This morning is baseball and then more work on the floor and in the yard. This house is shaping up so well. It's really becoming a lovely home now. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I guess I'm a little vain about it. But we've lived so many places and it's been difficult to get things just the way I wanted them before it was time to move on. I just may get that accomplished in this place and THAT is a very satisfying feeling.


Salesdiva said...

Ummmm...I'm kinda glad we didn't come this weekend. Ron woulda had his mouth poked out about laying tile on his bday.

Floor looks great. Good Job.

Diane said...

The lawn furniture is so welcoming and the dining room tile is amazing. I think it's wonderful that Joe takes on these projects. You two do work well together!

Thanks for sharing Gillian's concert, too.