Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am from

I found this at Paula's blog:

You can make your own here:

I am from red clay dirt, from Pepsi's in glass bottles and bass fishing.
I am from the tract homes, humid summers, snowless winters and honey suckle flavored air.
I am from the tobacco drying in the barns, the roses on a horse's neck, the forest hills thick with Oak and Hickory.
I am from ignorance is bliss and roaring the truth, from Effie and Edna and Robert.
I am from the stubborn and the proud.
From just don't talk about it and why are you like that.
I am from a faith full talk without action. From Grace showing me the truth
I'm from Bluegrass and 10,000Lakes, Germany and England. Corn bread and Chicken and Dumplings.
From the Police officer who had to surrender his badge, the highway worker breathing in the black lung fumes , and the Daughter who gave up her dreams and aspirations and expected me to do the same.
I am from a dusty family Bible with unknown names and dates. From albums never looked at. From memories that have changed as realization dawned along with adulthood.
I am from the life I led and the life I chose.


Nancy said...

Wow, that is so touching. Did you write that yourself. Very nice.

Nancy said...

Ok, Duh, I see you did not write it, but never the less, it is very nice.

Paula said...

Yes, Nancy, Terri did write it and it's wonderful. I love these poems. They evoke so much emotion and are so much a part of each one of us who has written them. I want to save everybody's in a notebook to go back and read again and again. Good job, Terri!!

Librarian Lee said...

OMG that was great! and man oh made me feel it! How much we are alike, but I bet everyone is really...You made my day start off right, I can smell that honeysuckle! I can't thank you enough!! And!! You won the drawing for the book but before I say so on my page, I wanted to make sure you meant to enter the draw and really want the book. Gosh! Thanks again for that post - my day is tons better now! ~lee

Librarian Lee said... grandmother is Effie, I have and Uncle Robert and there's an Aunt Edna in there somewhere. i've never heard anyone else named Effie - effie lucille brewster. I miss her.