Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such a Thrilling Thursday

I woke up in a very unambitious mood this morning. I haven't been taking my Bragg's vinegar and I honestly believe it's adversely affecting my energy levels!

After I mowed the lawn and watered my garden, I had to drive to the store to get the ingredients for Gillian's birthday breakfast tomorrow (She'll be 10! I cannot believe she'll be in double digits!!! She is growing up too fast!)

Anyway, on the trip home I meandered through the neighborhood and found 2 small redwood benches. I grabbed them from the curb and, as soon as I got home, slapped a coat of stain on them. You can never have too many seats in a garden!!

Next I planted some Sun drops that a neighbor brought over the other day. I understand that they spread quickly and bloom profusely.
I also trimmed the rhododendrons in the front yard. Geez, that's an ugly bush! But the blooms are lovely. I have to prune back or remove one them. It's just so ugly. Anyway, I need ro
om for other perennials!
In the back yard I found a small bush with thorns and tiny pink flowers. I didn't know it was there and I don't know what it is. Any guesses?

I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill for dinner. No muss. No fuss. And everybody is happy! Afterwards, while the Daddy took the boys to Scouts, I went to Tim Hortons for a mocha...I like Starbucks better, but Tim Hortons is closer
and has a drive through.
Now I am finishing my computing and going to watch Law And Order while I work on my knitting. I know tomorrow will be a very busy day preparing for Gillian's Hula-bula birthday party so maybe it's good that today was slow and easy. Hope your day was as nice.

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