Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you know what you are getting for Mother's Day?

I do! Dirt! A whole truck load of organic top soil. I know because it arrived to day and it's a beautiful thing. My kids all got together and shoveled it into a wheel barrow and placed it around our yard as needed. Then Joe took me out to the boonies to a greenhouse we heard about and I bought a few plants too! Tomorrow is going to be a great day for digging in the dirt! I can't wait!

Now I am sure some of you are thinking that soil isn't a very good gift to give your mother, but this mama is VERY happy about it! Better then getting me silly things I 'll never use!
So, I am off to see what seeds I have left that I could plant along with the bedding plants I got today and to make plans for which plants I still need to buy next payday. All this gardening makes me think that spring might actually be here after all!

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Nancy said...

Hey, it is great you got what you wanted for Mothers Day. Hope it will be a happy one.