Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

There has been a small problem with the roofing on my doll's house. I tried it and it wasn't quite right. Joe re-did for me and it looked right, but when I put the dormers on, the fit left gaps. Instead of tearing it down a third time, I decided to do what any professional builder under the gun would do. I covered the spaces with paper and glue and hope to Pete the shingles hide it! LOL Honestly, though. I think it will work. I am repainting the rooms inside to hide and newsprint that shows through. I hope to finish the house by the end of the week.
It was supposed to be near 60 yesterday, so I dressed appropriately for practically summer-like weather. Unfortunately, it only got to 52 and while sunny the wind got a little chilly. I had to wear a sweater over my sleeveless shirt and my poor feet were freezing in my flip flops! Today they say 60 again....but I'm wearing jeans and tee-shirt until the thermometer confirms the predictions!

There was sunshine enough to get my rhubarb planted though. (I had driven down to the house in Stanley and (with our tenant's permission) divided the rhubarb in the garden and brought it to this house on Monday).
The sunshine just called for clothes hanging on a line, but since I absolutely cannot find my bag of clothes pins, I couldn't do much. I thought how I had been meaning to dye a few things yellow and so I did...a plain white sweater, a white blouse, and several napkins that I had run through the wash with color remover before I dyed them along with the clothes. It was such a cheerful sight watching them wave in the wind! Sometimes little things like that can make your whole afternoon, don't you think? Well, they can affect me that way.
My Gillian had painted this bird house last week. It had to be hung. I hope to have tenants in there very soon. I only hope it's not too late! You know how the housing market is these days!

I planted some vegetables in pots out on the deck as well. I have to get out and play in the dirt. I HAVE to. Since this yard is not going to allow me a huge garden like I had at the farm or even the garden in Stanley, but I have been reading about raised beds and growing things in pots and I'm willing to give it a try. With the price of groceries going up and up, now is not the time to give up "growing your own".
And of course I made the cookies...with extra sprinkles. I made fish shaped cookies, in honor of my returning the goldfish to the outside pond. I didn't have orange sugar, though only pink and green and purple. Sort of my own version of "rainbow trout".

Now, I'm off to pull the carpet out of Joey's bedroom before he gets home. He won't like it, but it's got to go AND there's more of the hardwood underneath. He'll get over it. I will get him a fabulous throw rug so his big old feet don't get chilled!

Hope you are having a happy and productive week!


Paula said...

You guys have been busy little beavers! I love Gillians birdhouse ~ hopefully she'll get some tenats soon. My brother is coming this weekend from Rochester, NY and, of course, our high temp on Saturday is supposed to be 48 with snow flurries. Ah, well...crazy spring!

Sue said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for visiting my blog a while back. I'm just now getting around to visiting again. Your blog looks great and I see a few Italian recipes in your side bar that look yummy. I'm on the fly right now but hope to get back soon.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I have a blue birdhouse just like yours :-)

Nancy said...

OH, I hope your dollhouse gets easier for you. What is the kit?
I know Greenleaf doesn't always go together well. I can't get the original ones I have but Real Good Toys makes a good kit.
You yellow is very cheerful. The cookies look just yummy, can we have tea too?