Tuesday, April 15, 2008

almost grown up

I have been lately thinking how my babies were all growing up so quickly. Soon I'll be waving good -bye as the last one walks out the door for college. The thought of that coming day makes me weepy.

This morning I went into my bathroom, looked down at the little table beside the tub and saw this:
My youngest son had come into my room last evening and asked if he could bathe in my tub.

Maybe they aren't all quite grown up yet!

Think I'll go make some cookies...with extra sprinkles!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

"Seize the day." Our oldest just turned 35 last month, and our youngest will be 16 this summer. It truly seems like just yesterday our oldest was a baby. Make each day count, and have no regrets!

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

We are sooooo sympatico! I saw the same thing and smiled wide with the same thought. I love you and that little boy so much!

Paula said...

So sweet! Hold onto it. I had a similar moment with my youngest (15) last week. He has been trying so hard to grow up and away from us this year, but was brokenhearted over an electronic gadget that he had been coveting. He finally saved enough, bought it, brought it home and it didn't work. Those tears to me were precious because I got to hold and hug my "little" boy for a few minutes again...
What a wonderfully sweet comment from your Joe!