Monday, February 25, 2008

What a nice weekend!!

On Saturday drove down to Syracuse to pick up my two youngest children, who had been visiting friends downstate all week. Though they both had a wonderful time, they were very happy to see their mommy pulling in to the parking lot! LOL

Upon returning home I set to work making some cards. Have a look at the mess my dining room table was in when I finished! I had some nice cards when I was through, though. I was pleased.

On Sunday morning the family went to mass. I like our church, but call it "speed mass". They can make it through the whole thing in a 1/2 hour flat!!!! And that's with a packed house! It's kind of disturbing, really. Anyway...

The younger set had a ton of tokens from Chuckee Cheese (their brother Joe gave tehm to him) and they wanted to use them up. So, their daddy dropped them off and then took Ben (#2 son) and me to Barnes and Noble where we enjoyed coffees and purusing the latest in books and magazines. For once it wasn't too crowded in the coffee shop and we spent a lovely hour enjoying each other and the books!

You can only mill arond the book store for so, we were hungry! So, my dear sweet honey treated us to hot wings at Duffs. I enjoyed a beer with my wings and promptly went home and dozed off!!! Sad, hu? LOL It all tasted good though.

We next had to decide about buying tickets to Florida for an upcoming vacation. Flying 7 people anywhere is a very expensive propostion! In fact, it was our biggest anticipated expense! The cheapest we could find for the dates we needed was $2100!!!! Ouch....Then we had a brainstorm!!!! Why not take the Auto train???? Sure we need to drive to VA, but we can go a day early and visit relatives in Baltimore first... We ended up saving OVER $1000!! That pays for a lot of theme park admissions! LOL And I LOVE train travel!!! I am so excited!!!!

We don't watch the Oscars anymore, but I was happy that Marion Cotillard won for best actress. She really deserved it!! Did anyone watch? It seems to be so political anymore. And the movies nominated were dark.....What is wrong with those people that makes them think that ART=DARK?

What we did watch was The Passion Of The Christ. We watched it with our 3 oldest boys. We felt like they were now old enough to see how much Jesus suffered for us. It was every bit as moving as it was 4 years ago when Joe and I saw it in the theater. Mel Gibson is a genius

With everyone home from their travels, it's it's good to have all my babies home again. It won't be long before they start moving out in to the big wide world. I am cherishing every moment! We're hoping to make this our best year yet!

I hope your weekend was as fun and satisfying as mine was!!!


Heidi said...

You had an action packed weekend by the sounds of it Terri! I hear the contentment though in this post. Great job on the savings to Florida. It will be fun for all of you to take the train.

Hugs ~

Paula said...

I love that your going by train! That is going to be so fun for everyone. We are planning on taking the train up to Seattle sometime this summer for a Mariners game with some friends. I think it's going to be a complete hoot. Of course, we don't have nearly as far to go as you do. How fun!

Nancy said...

I love going on the train. What fun you will have. I fly into Syracuse when I visit Kristy in Watertown. Sounds like you had a fun time and then wings too.

Susie Q said...

That sounds like a super weekend to me! I LOVE Train travel. We used to do that all the time when we lived in upstate NY.

I agree with you totally about the Oscars. Everything was so dark. Terribly violent films that I do not care to see. But La Vie En Rose...a beautiful film!