Friday, February 22, 2008

Interesting Websites I've found lately Check out Suessville. It's never boring there! I've worked with some Boston Terrier rescues...transporting dogs mostly. I got interested after I got my first Boston from a rescue!!! Prefer I different breed? There are tons of rescues for just about any animal and/or breed you can think of.

French cooking made simple for simple minded folks like me!

I am working on improving my sewing skills and really enjoy buying vintage clothing and customizing! The book Subversive Seamster is terrific. I found this site: and watched an interview with one of the authors.

While we ladies work at being better women, here's a site for the fellas.

Lot's of nice little pretties here. Lot's of things to make a girl smile.

Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I did this morning!


Susie Q said...

OH what fun! I am always looking for a new and fun site! And those crowns are amazing!

Have a sweet weekend Terri! Stay warm!


Melicob said...

Thanks for the shout out about our book, Subversive Seamster! We're glad you are liking it! Keep on spreading the sewing gospel...

Happy Sewing!
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