Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Quick! Quick! There's a fun drawing! Wait! There's Two!!!

Go here: and enter Sandy's drawing. She has a lovely blog! I'm sure once you visit it you'll go back often!!
It's your lucky day, because there is another great give away over at The Homemaker's Journal
Tanisha even gives you a chance to enter twice!!! Hurry on over!


Nancy said...

I am Heidi's mom, I knit hats for preemies and donate them. I do it for Akron, Ohio. I got the pattern
online. I can look for the website for you on my pattern. I will get back to you on it.

Nancy said...

Hello again:
I looked the pattern up, and it was given to me, not found online.
If you want it, you can give me your email address, or is it on your blog? I can type it out for you, and the address to mail the hats to. You can let me know.