Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Did you vote today?

I did. I did not vote for the person I though most closely represented how I felt on the issues. Because he has ZERO chance of being elected and I have been down that road before and I essentially wasted my vote and allowed a man I really did not care for to win the presidency. There is another person running who I liked for his values and straightforwardness, but I didn't vote for him either, because he is a "Washington outsider" and I do not believe that he can effectively lead while the Congressional "insiders" play their games to stay elected, instead of leading this country forward into the 21st century.
Due to a lack of congressional term limits and the line item veto, these professional politicians following the "party line" and pack as much pork into their home districts as they possibly can, while many, many good ideas are shot down and quite a few bad ideas are forced down our collective throats. In American Politics today if you vote the the way you believe is right, you are liable to find yourself unemployed come the next election. Our "leaders" aren't really leaders...they tend to be followers. It's a sin and a shame really.
Still, in this country we do have a voice. We can change the course of our own destiny. And so I voted. I hope you will too.

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Kerri said...

Yes, we did vote, and it sounds like our thinking on the candidates is very similar. We did, however, vote for the candidate who most closely represented our position on the issues, even though we were pretty sure he wouldn't win.
There is far too much manipulation and underhandedness in American politics today and it truly is a sin and a shame. But like you, we would never choose to stay home and not cast our vote...because we do indeed have a voice.