Friday, January 18, 2008

Those poor robins from the other day...

Winter is returning with gusty winds, a drop in temperatures and snow. I hope those robins found a place to stay out of the weather. I did.
Yesterday, I went down to my little workspace in the basement and (between loads of laundry) got out my button maker and a stash of old books that I've been collecting from various thrift shops and book sales and made some buttons. I love that stupid gadget. It's a lot of fun.
Then I planted some herbs for my window
Next I really want to grow a lovely Rosemary plant or two wouldn't it be pretty a topiary? Oh, and I found some old cherry tomato seeds and threw them in some dirt as well. I mean, can you really have too many tomatos?? Ask me again in August! LOL
After fooling around all afternoon I decided to continue on in that same vein, and so I watched a movie I had tee-voed called "Accepted" with Justin Long that kid from the Apple computer commercials. The movie was forgettable, but he sure is a cutie, isn't he? Before you accuse me of being a bum all day, in my defence I was simply clearing some space on the machine. I had to watch that movie in the interest of saving space for playoff games and other important things like that there.
That was yesterday. Today, I have decided to make crepes for dinner. Yeppers, now all I need to do is whip up some fillings. Doesn't that sound good? I think I'll make a few different kinds and everyone can choose the one they like best. Perhaps some jam or cream cheese in the middle for dessert. A salad. A glass of will work!

What are you making for supper tonight???


WhineNRoses said...

Crepes for dinner sound yummy!!
Our house chicken is the favorite amoung the kids and hubby and I love steak!!

Heidi said...

I love having Dutch pancakes which are a little similar to the French crepes. You would not believe what the Dutch use in the pancakes but they bake it right into them and oh are they yummy! My and Jos' favorite is pineapple and cheese. They put the batter in the pan and add the pineapple. When it is turned to cook the other side they add cheese to it and voila!

I think you had a wonderful and full puttering day around the house. You got alot done by the sounds of it. I need to be puttering a bit more but I did get one thing crossed off my list of little chores to be done with decorating. I finished off the curtain by our front door. It was a set of IKEA premade curtains. I now sewed them together for one large panel and hemmed them again now as one curtain. It is great insulation by the front door and window at night.

Hugs ~

Paula said...

I'm coming to your house!