Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I saw a flock of robins today!!!!

After the inch or two of snow yesterday, today was warmer and more grass is showing through. Then, as I was taking my son to school I looked up into the trees at the end of the block and there was a whole flock of robins!! I know spring is at least 3 months away, but it sure warmed my spirit to see these friends again!

Here's a poem from Emily Dickinson


Before you thought of Spring

Except as a SurmiseYou see

— God bless his suddenness

–A Fellow in the Skies

Of independent Hues

A little weather worn

Inspiriting habiliments

Of Indigo and Brown

–With specimens of Song

As if for you to choose

–Discretion in the interval

With gay delays he goes

To some superior Tree

Without a single Leaf

And shouts for joy to Nobody

But his seraphic self –


Susie Q said...

What a sweet post today! I saw a robin in my yard today...he looks so cold! Poor little thing!

Congratulations to Lynn! It was a special giveaway and Lynn is a special are YOU!

Have a sweet day!


Heidi said...

Funny that I no longer think of robins as a sign of spring. They are tiny birds here in Europe in comparison and are here all winter cheering us up with their bright red breast skipping around the garden.

I am a little jealous of your snow. Did you build a snowman?

Hugs ~