Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This weekend's project

This weekend's project was the upstairs hall. Joe painted it. I tore up the carpeting (look at the beautiful hardwood underneath!!) And then we headed over to Lowes for more book shelves. We LOVE how it turned out. What do you think?


Heidi said...

Christmas came early to your house Terri! What a fun and wonderful surprise under the carpet! I can just picture your face when you started to pull up the carpeting and found this incredible floor.

Hugs ~

Nancy said...

I am Heidi's Mom, she sent me the linc to see this floor. What a find. I wish I could rip my carpet up and find that. I am going to look at your blog now, this is my first visit.

Paula said...

Wow! Look at those floors! What a gift that was to find. Love the color you guys went with and I've been eye-balling that style of bookcase myself. Good job!
Oh, and Happy Halloween ~

Mary said...

Oh my!! You are lucky to have found that beautiful hardwood beneath the carpets. It's gorgeous.