Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally Fall

Though the leaves are taking their sweet time changing colors, the temps are finally dropping to a more seasonal level. Today and yesterday we were even able to start up the fireplace in the dining room. There is something about a fire that makes the whole room look cozy.

Since we went to Mass last night, today was a stay- at-home-and-do-what-you-want-to-day.
What I wanted to do was get started changing the exercise area into a crafts area and move the exercise equipment into the laundry room. It still needs organizing, but at least the furniture is all in the right places! Now maybe I will be able to get some things made. (It is extremely difficult for a messy crafter like me to get anything the time I get really going, it's time to clean up and get ready for supper!!! Now I can leave things out and not have to worry about anything except maybe one of the cats wandering through and knocking stuff over!)

I also gave Alice a bath, clipped her toenails and got flea spray for both dogs and the cats. I haven't seen fleas, but they are scratching. Especially Alice, so I
wanted that dealt with right away.

The left over ham from last night's dinner went into
today's Scalloped Potatoes. I threw it all in the crock

pot this morning so that this afternoon I could watch

FOOTBALL! It was great! The Vikings beat the
Bears! Unfortunately, Joe's team, the Redskins
lost to Brett and the Packers.
Now I am going to read my books and magazines
that I have piled next to my chair...while drinking
some lovely chi tea...sigh. This has been a good


Paula said...

Aren't fireplaces just one of the best things ever?! Makes you just want to tuck in, doesn't it?

I made your Apple Bourbon Cake today and posted it on my site. Mmmm...was it ever good ~ your scalloped potatoes look to die for too!

Heidi said...

There is nothing like a fire to cheer any space. We also made out first fire in the woodstove this past Sunday. We are painting the front of the house and have to keep the front door open to dry so it is rather chilly inside. After today, I will be able to close the door again as the second coat was just added this morning. Thank God for the woodstove.

It sounds like you are very well settled in your new house. I hope you will share photos of your craft room when you get it all to your liking. I know I would love to see where you create.

Hugs ~

Susie Q said...

Oh how I love that fireplace! I would love to put one of those in my tiny study or our dining room. Yours is SO pretty!
Your day sounds like a perfect one to me!! Nothing like a day like that!