Monday, October 08, 2007

20th reunion of USMA class of 1987

After putting the children on the school bus Thursday morning, my West Point grad and I headed down to the old Alma Mater for his 20year reunion. The 7 hour drive was arduous, requiring a stop for lunch and another stop for shopping.

After arriving and checking into our hotel, we quickly changed and headed over to the Thayer Hotel ( Where Douglas MacArthur's mommy lived the entire time her beloved boy was attending West Point. It is just dripping in history and ambiance) to meet our friends the Steptoes (BOTH of whom are classmates of Joe's). Lisa looked fabulous (I hate her) and Ron cleaned up real nice too! We all hopped in the van for the short trek to Eisenhower Hall where there was a meet and greet reception. Great food. Free beer and wine and many memories made and shared!!! The reception was supposed to be over at 11:30, but no one left so they literally had to shut the lights off on us!

Friday, we shopped at the C store. Tooled around the campus. There was also a class meeting (which was more interesting to Joe, Ron and Lisa then it was to me) and then back to the hotel to freshen up and and change for the big dinner.
It was really alot of fun. Walter, yet another talented West Pointer, played for us after supper down in the Firstie lounge ( I think that's where I was). Geez that man can play!

Saturday the grads got to march in and review the corp. Now, this is a big deal. The grads only have reunions every 5 years and the parade has been rained out the last two! I attempted to photograph and take video of said historic event, but it was 87 freakin' degrees and I could not see the screen for the sun's glare and the sweat pouring down into my sunburned face!!! The cute fall outfit I had bought for this occasion was quickly put aside for a less fashionable, but much more comfortable tee shirt and cotton slacks! My husband and friends, meanwhile, got to stand out on the plain for an hour and a half wearing jacket and ties (well, Lisa wasn't wearing a tie, but her black outfit was still a tad, um, warm (I don't like to say Lisa's outfit was hot, because, well that just doesn't sound righ! LOL) So, we watched them lay a wreath and listened to the choir sing and watched the drill team toss rifles (I used to could do that stuff!! I was a rifle girl in my highschool band!) Then the cadet band played and FINALLY the corps marched on and was reviewed. It really was thrilling.
After watching an exhibition of the skydiving team (these kids are 20 years old and have 400 -500 jumps!!! Can you believe that???) We went to a tailgate party. I cannot remember beer tasting so good!!! LOL
The game was an evening game because ESPN wanted it to be, so we hiked on up to the nose bleed seats and watched Army fade to Tulane...It was painful, so we left at the beginning of the fourth quarter. SHAME ON US! Army went on to win in overtime, no thanks to "we of little faith"! GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!
The Hudson River valley was just beginning to put on it's fall colors. The campus was majestic and as impressive as ever. If you have never taken a tour of the United States Military Academy at West Point, you should. Joe goes and says it "re-charges" his batteries. I go and am struck not only by the campus, but by the demeanor and bearing of the cadets. It really does make me proud to be an American.
Anyway, Sunday we went to brunch with friends and then headed home to the young 'uns. It was a great time at the reunion, but it's always nice to come home


Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Reunions can be so awesome (or so TERRIBLE!). What a beautiful campus.

Susie Q said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. WE were stationed in upstate NY for 3 years and I so love the Falls of the Hudson Valley...
We enjoyed visiting West Point a few times....but hmm...beat Navy?? Now there I must disagree. *giggle*
Aw gee...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful time!