Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday thoughts

A definition of grace taken from THE MEANING OF GRACE by Charles Journet

" The very first thing, one which must never be forgotten, which we shall never adequately grasp, is that the Judaeo-Christian revelation is the revelation of the love of God for us, of a love which will never cease to astonish us here below because it surpasses all we could possibly conceive, and of which we can never plumb the depths. To know the depths of God's love for us, we should have to be God. And the effects of this love are disconcerting and surprising to us, precisely because we are unable to comprehend its Source. They are disconcerting to the purely rationalistic reason, even to reason pure and simple."

While doing some lesson planning for my religious ed. class I ran across this definition. And a truer definition was never written. I am disconcerted by God's love for me and constantly surprised by the blessings he bestows.

I am so far from perfect it's not even funny, and yet I have the perfect husband for me. I never dreamed someone would love me so well that I would begin to learn how to love myself. Never thought the time would ever come when I could stop working so hard to justify myself as being worthy and, instead, to bask in the light and warmth of unconditional love from my Joe and the children.

I am a blessed woman and my prayer today is that I remember just how blessed I am before I begin throwing myself pity parties about things I don't have, or inconveniences large and small that come to each of us during our lifetimes. This is my glimpse of heaven and "the peace that passeth all understanding". These children ares my lessons on the "unplumbed depths of God's love". This life we lead and adventures we shares have already passed not only my expectations, but my fondest wishes.

The only thing I'm sorry for now is that it took so long for me to see it. Thank you, Father. Thank you.


Paula said...

Beautiful post...So glad you're finding the peace that you so deserve. Have a great day!

mmmkcabot said...

hi honey!!! what's your current email so I can catch up with you guys?? so much has been happening, and i NEED you....

angelsamoungus said...

Hi-my name is Terri also and I came across your blog via Susie Q. What caught my eye is #1 Boston Terriers-which growing up we had a special Terrier named Pepper. #2 I taught religious education (still like CCD) for a few years.

Would love to hear from you-but I had to go private-so if you put your name in the subject and e-mail me- I could add you if you are willing to my blogging buddies :)


Take care,

Susie Q said...

Loved this post today...I am also very UNperfect but working on it every day. As I get older grace comes easier!

Of course, we named our daughter Grace. : ) She is one of our true blessings from God. Daniel, our son, is another.

Have a sweet week Terri.