Saturday, August 04, 2007

What dreadful hot weather we have!

Laying on the beach (well, under the trees next to the beach....(skin cancer concerns you understand) is about all these last few muggy days here in the Hudson Valley are good for.
It is good light reading weather. I finished Peter Mayle's Toujours Provence yesterday. But anything heavier then that has to wait until either the weather cools down or we get some air conditioning, one or the other!
Getting ready to have the movers come, I've been through all the clothes, had the kids try EVERYTHING on and been merciless in throwing away the raggedy stuff and giving away the too small stuff. This morning I even went through the sock basket on top of the dryer and threw away all the singles (this is something I HATE to do, because the second the garbage is taken out you seem to find most of the missing ones and what good are they then???)
I filled the bird feeder one last time. Today I'll go through my pots and pans deciding what to throw or keep (how many cookie pans or pie tins do we really need after all?) I patched all the clothes that needed patching. Located all the records that need to come with us (would you believe it? The doctor's office lost ALL of Joey's medical records. REALLY not happy with them)
Today we'll be cleaning windows and taking apart Joe's tree stand (it was stuck in an apple tree, but the boys and I got it out last night and it is now over by the shed waiting to be taken apart so it can be packed and loaded)
The children are saying good bye to the friends they've made here. Matt is going to an amusement park, Jimmy's going skating, Gillian's sleeping over, Joey and Ben are going to the movies. They will miss their friends, but not this place. They are really looking forward to the new neighborhood.
Somewhere I read that some feel that September/fall is really the beginning of the year. Probably a throw back from when they were still in school, but I must say I agree. So as we start on this new adventure I will wish all of you (and us) God's blessings for a happy new year!

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Cottage said...

Terri, I am so glad these moments are finally upon you! I too tend to feel Fall is a beginning. You all have such wonderful times awaiting you, can't wait for you to share them.
Happy trails,