Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Cook Books!

Last week I recieved these two cook books. My friend Mary Beth sent me Semi-homemade. Sandra Lee for those of you who don't know her from her show on the foodnetwork specializes in dishes that "customize" ready made food items. This particular book highlights menus for "gatherings". Can't wait to try it out at the new house! Beth? Will you come help cook?
From I got this really great Chinese cook book. Joe and I found several marvelous Asian food stores near our new house and while we have a couple Japanese cook books, we really didn't have a great Chinese cook book. I think "The Great Book Of Chinese Cooking" is going to fill the bill! YUM.
What cook books are you all loving this summer?


Anonymous said...

Yum, chinese cooking!

Lets see... I just googled a snickerdoodle recipe lastnight. Does that count?

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm pretty excited about your move too! It's going to be fun to watch you settle in.
Well, you've mentioned Susan Branch down below. I love her Summer cookbook. The old Silver Palate Cookbooks are still some of my favorites, and my son has bought me two different Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks, that I like too.