Thursday, August 02, 2007

Holding my breath

With a week left to go before the movers come I am just holding my breath waiting until we are finally out of here and in our new home.

The weather has turned hot and humid again, so the children and I are trying to find things that keep our minds off not only the move, but the weather as well. The beach, the mall, movies anything we can think of to keep cool and busy.

Yesterday we went to see Ratatouille . This sign
cracked up the older boys more then the movie did!

Visiting Daddy last weekend, we kept the

life guard at the swimming pool entertained

No really winner for the cannon ball tournament

was declared, so I re-match will have to be held.

Meanwhile, I keep waking up at 3:30 in the morning thinking about re-arranging furniture and where to put the computer desk and wondering what is under that white carpet in the living room (Hardwood floors, I suspect!!!). I've written all the change of address cards. I changed the address on my magazines. I had our medical records transferred. All there is to do now is pack and go, but the movers aren't coming until Wednesday. So until then I'm just holding my breath. We're all so happy and excited we just can't hardly stand it! We have missed being a family.
One of the things we're looking forward to, though, is exploring are new neighborhood. I looked up the local library on line and it looks HUGE! They even have Sunday hours!
The kids are excited about living in a neighborhood with lots of other kids. The neighbors we have met have been so nice. We are excited about meeting new friends. All of us!
(Mom and Dad need non-work type friends too, you know!) I think we'll throw an open house once we get settled. Maybe in September. Oh! There's just so many wonderful things we want to get started with! We just can't hardly wait to get there and get started.

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Cottage said...

I'm so happy you are almost gone! Yay! Gone to something wonderful, a reunited family; gone to the 'right' place and a new home; gone to new decorating projects and new friends and places. You're gone to the most wonderful time of the year, your new Fall! Congratulations!