Friday, July 27, 2007

Ma'am? May I have some more???

Since Joe works all day and we are pinching pennies til' we're in the new house, I brought several books with me on this trip up to Buffalo. Yesterday I sat down and read Susan Branch's Autumn From The Heart Of The Home. Have you read her books?? I have several and I must say they are all so wonderful. Part cook book, part decorating, part biography, part art book...something for everyone who takes joy in their home.

Not to say they're perfect. For instance, though she has a Summer and Autumn and even a Christmas book there are no Spring or Winter editions! Also, I believe that you put on pounds just reading all those recipes...DELICIOUS!

If you haven't read her books, you don't know what you're missing. Run to your nearest book store or library and check them out....literally!


Anonymous said...

I love Susan Branch's books. If you like hers, you might also like Karla Dornacher - similar style.

Paula said...

I think my favorite one is that Autumn one you've been ready. My sister lives on a ranch that has a fledgling vineyard growing on the hill. A couple of years ago I found a Susan Branch Vineyard Cookbook. It made a fabulous gift for her.

Paula said...

Apparently I can't spell the word reading. You know what I meant - LOL!

Lara said...

My sister in law has recommended one of hers...I should probably pick it up. :)

monique said...

Those books sounds so great, just the kind of books I love to read and look at over and over again.
Unfortunately they're not at our bookshops. But I will search on the internet for them.
Have a lovely sunday.