Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why didn't anybody tell me about her before??

I am currently listening to THE LOOK OF LOVE album by Diana Krall. I didn't know there even were torch singers like this anymore! She is terrific! Have you ever heard her sing? Wow!


Kerri said...

Thanks for reminding me about Diana Krall. I've heard her at Kylie and Ko's place and thought I'd like one of her CD's, but I'd forgotten. I think we have similar tastes in music. Do you like Nora Jones? I love her music.
You've been doing some fun family stuff. Bet those fish tasted delicious. What a great dad!
The Benjamin Moore site is terrific. Thanks for sharing!
I always appreciate you stopping by and leaving such nice comments. Thanks :)

Deanne said...

I never mentioned Diana OR Nora to you, because you never asked. :) I've listened to them for a few years now, or as long as they have been putting out music. I don't know Kerri..but I think the three of us should go to one of Diana's or Nora's concerts! Now..when are you coming to Teddy's cabin? It's heavenly bliss there. It truly is. Love you, Deanne

Heidi said...

I love Diana Krall's music. She is just fabulous.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

You betcha I have! I think I have ALL her CD's. Love, love, love her voice.