Friday, June 01, 2007

My baby girl is 9!

Gillian turned 9 and to celebrate we had a skating party at Skate world. She had a ball as did most of her friends (one little boy couldn't stand up on those blades to save his life! LOL) And her brothers had a pretty good time themselves.
I don't know when she got so big or how she got so smart and pretty, but I do know she's my angel and I just love her to death! Happy Birthday Gilli-will!


Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Gillian! Sounds like a fun party to me. Dang, they grow up so fast!
(We accepted the offer on our house and are now waiting with crossed fingers for the inspection on this 89 year old cottage. I'll post all about it soon.)

Salesdiva said...

Happy Birthday to my JigglyPuff who has morphed into Princess Jillian. Awesome. We have to do something girly (Libby Lu's) next time we are together.

Jill said...

Amazing! My daughter turned 9 on Saturday, June 2. We were having so much fun at the same time, weren't we. Except it was my first! It's hard to believe she is nine. They do grow up so fast.