Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moving forward

This week is about finishing up. We need to finish up all the unfinished business here...schools, friends everything. Saying good bye. Collecting the necessary documents we'll need where we're going.
My number one concern right now is school. We'll have 2 boys in high school next year and I would like to get their schedules confirmed before their new High School lets out for the year.
Then there's transferring medical records from our dentist and doctors. Really all I need there is the forms to take with me and fill out once I find new ones in Buffalo.
I need to start notifying magazine of our new address, so our subscriptions follow us in a timely manner to the new place. Then there's notifying our friends of the new address yet again (Cindy---let me know if I owe you a new address book yet(she claims I have hogged up most of the slots under the letter P, because we've moved so many times)).
And in the meantime we're sifting through all of our "stuff". What do we want to keep? What do we never use anymore? What has seen better days and needs replacing?
Then of course there's the part where we try and use up all the food stuffs which makes for some interesting experimental menus! How did we end up with 14 cans of garbanzo beans anyway???
Joe always says we should write a book about moving, we've done it so many times. Who knows maybe that's how I'll make my fortune! Maybe I'll get on Oprah's show! Maybe I'll be her first "how to" book selection!!!! Oh the possibilities!


Paula said...

I feel for you! We're just moving out of town a couple of miles this time, but moved from Wyoming to Oregon a little over two years ago. I packed up the house and moved the kids while my husband was already out here. Builds charachter, right? Blessings to you...

Salesdiva said...

You have GOT to write that book. Seems like you have a system already down pat -no problem. We do you move out/in?

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Moving is one way to get everything really cleaned out, isn't it?!
Happy Birthday to your pretty little 9 year old!

Suse said...

It doesn't matter how many times you move, it's still exhausting and exciting all at once!