Friday, May 25, 2007

joke overheard at Mass last Sunday

So, an old priest dies and goes to heaven. He gets in line at the pearly gates. The fella ahead of him is wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt, jeans and a baseball cap on backwards. He goes up to St. Peter and Peter asks him his name. "Mort Ambunson and I've been a taxi driver for 37 years" the guy says in a New York accent. St. Peter checks his list, smiles, hands Mort a gorgeous silk robe and a golden staff and says "welcome to the kingdom of heaven".

The old priest goes next and when asked, he says "I'm Father Robert Snow and I've been pastor of St. Mary's church for 43 years". St. Peter checks his list, sort of frowns and then hands Father Snow a cotton robe and a wooden staff and says "welcome".

Father Snow says,"Wait a minute! You gave that other guy a gorgeous silk robe and a golden staff and I only get a Cotton robe and a wooden staff? How come?"

"Well" says Peter, "We go by results around here. When you preached people slept, but when Mort drove, people prayed!!!"

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