Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is how desperate I've become

Yesterday I actually used my key to the library, broke in and checked my old books in, my new books out when the library was closed! I don't think they will actually mind, and I left a note telling the librarian what I had done, but it's pretty bad when you can't even find a minute to get to the library during business hours!
I am not a rush around sort of girl. I don't like being hurried. It makes me cross and tense. So the last few weeks of going every day and every evening has been particularly trying for me and, thus for my whole family "Remember: If mama ain't happy; nobody's happy!"
Today I am back at Curves all day and then home to clean and do laundry and welcome home my wandering husband. Nothing for tonight, I don't think, but around here, you never know!
I look at all these "superwomen" around me and just stand in slack-jawed awe at all they accomplish in a day. The ability to do 10 things at once and do them all well, is not a talent I possess! ONE thing at a time is challenging enough for me!
So, here's to you ladies who can do it all! God bless ya! I don't know how you do it!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh Terri, I don't think anyone is successful at doing it all at the same time. I once read a great interview with hmmm, I think it was Anne Feinstein. (I can't remember anything some days!) She was asked how she's managed to be such a successful public servant, raise a beautiful family, ect. She was refreshingly honest about how women can do it all, just not all at the same time. I'm not a person who likes my days to be too full either. I need room to breathe and some quiet around everything I do. Try hard to find a little bit of that in each day if you can. Sometimes just getting up a little earlier and taking time for your morning coffee, and to gaze out the window, without distraction in enough. To just think your own thoughts for awhile.
Take care.

Kelli said...

I sure wish I had a key to my library, it would save me alot of late fines. ;0)