Friday, April 13, 2007

My job

About a month ago I joined Curves to lose weight and get fit. Curves, if you don't know, is a women's gym that combines aerobic exercise and resistance training. You can do the entire work out in 30minutes. It works and (please don't tell anyone I said this) it's kind of fun!
The ladies on the staff there are so nice and mentioned quite early on that they were short handed and looking for help. The pay is minimum wage, but you do get to have your membership for free! SO.....I decided to take a job there.
It's not too hard and I enjoy talking to the customers. I haven't mastered the computer part yet, but hey! I've only been there a week! Give me a little more time and I'll get it down!
This week one of the staff took off due to medical problems and I have been working quite a bit. Wednesday, infact I exercised SO much that I am still paying for it today with achey muscles and tired knees! I have off today though, so I am reprieved until Saturday when I will be up and at 'em by 7 a.m. Geez....I hope I'm not turning into one of those exercise geeks! LOL

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Kelli said...

That's wonderful, Terri! Congratulations on your new job!