Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Art of Being a Woman a simple guide to everyday love and laughter

Book preface: We women are the providers of joy. We can, with our very presence, brighten up the day. Just watch us approach a group of strangers--in a restaurant, a bus, or an elevator. If we feel good, within seconds everyone around us feels a little better. Our lightheartedness is contagious. With a glance, we can make men stand a little straighter; with a smile, we can help other women breathe easier. The art of being a woman is the art of lifting the spirits of others. Veronique Vienne
So begins my current read: The Art of Being A Woman. So far I have enjoyed it very much. It encourages self-esteem building in ways other than cosmetic. It celebrates femininity while empowering women to reveal the best of themselves to the world.
I would qualify some of her advice, because of my own personal religious beliefs ( I do actually think that their are moral rules that human beings should follow. Veronique is, um less conservative than I am) but other than that this may be a book you should read. Real beauty, after all, is in the attitude after all and what could be more beautiful then a joyful womanhood?

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Anonymous said...

Terri, I read this book several months ago and enjoyed it. So glad to learn that you are, too.