Thursday, February 01, 2007

Peinoirs and other girly things

I am a fan of old movies. I like how all the men owned tuxedos and people dressed for dinner. I like the coordinated ensembles that ladies wore with matching hats and gloves Oh! And the evening gowns!... But mostly I love the peinoirs and lounging pajamas. What could be more feminine.
Being "feminine" or "womanly" is almost looked down upon in this post-NOW era. Some people some to believe that in order to empower women, we must first tear down men and then, ourselves, become more masculine.
I say why not enjoy being a girl. Why not not be "different"? We're designed that way. We think differently. We react differently. I'm not saying we need to return to the days of helplessness and feigned stupidity in order to make some guy feel superior, but we could still embrace our feminine side can't we? Dress the part and not be ashamed of being a lady? I think that if women everywhere decided to behave like ladies, the results in our society would be extrordinary!! A new revolution where women can truely be free to be women. Now that would be something!!!


Dana said...

Yes yes yes!!!

Shabby in the City said...

I remember when I was little (and I also am half way to 90!!) sleeping in those slick pajamas...and sliding out of bed (mine was an antique up high off the floor). But I felt so pretty!