Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ivan who?

In my continuing attempt to read classic literature, I picked up a copy of Ivanhoe last week. Why didn't somebody tell me that it is almost exactly the same as Robin Hood?

As I suspected, truly great literature is a rare thing. Interesting stories that do not rely on violence, obscenities and sex to titillate readers are almost unknown today.

Has our society degenerated to the point where Steven King is fine literature? Then, when you do find a really great book Hollywood buys it and after rewriting it, sexing it up and eliminating all mention of God presents us with 2 hours worth of soft porn garbage for the bargain price of only $7 plus popcorn.

Music isn't much better. If you got T&A you to can get a record contract. By the time they run your voice through a synthesizer, teach to dirty dance and put you in clothes that would make Linda Lovelace blush you are ready to influence the masses....starting with suggestible preteen market.

I am all for freedom of expression, but couldn't we at least insist that people use some modicum of brains (as opposed to other anatomical parts) before they invoke their constitutional rights?

The people who really kill me, though, are the so called intellectuals who try to make something of nothing and look down their noses at those of us who prefer to call em like we see 'em. (Mapplethorpe photographs and Brittany Spears music are not great art, no matter who says they are. Neither are Quentin Tarantino movies or books by D.H. Lawerence (I dunno....call me wacky but, stories about incest just don't strike me as a fun read).

I will never make it in high society. I am never going to be hip enough, but at least my entertainment choices will actually be edifying and entertaining, not just sexually obscene and/ or revoltingly violent. I'm just an old fashioned girl at heart and I'm very happy I am. I got enough problems without polluting my brain anymore then they already are.


Kelli said...

Excellent post, Terri! It's amazing what passes for music and movies nowadays. These people are supposed to be role models???

Dana said...

Thank you for this post....I love it, and I couldn't agree with you more!!