Sunday, January 28, 2007

The play's the thing....

After many years absence, my husband and I trod the boards last night in an utterly forgettable murder mystery called A Deadly Habit. It was fun to do a show, but I think it will be awhile more before I feel the call to do something like that again.
Joe is once more bitten by the bug, though. I like it a lot. He loves it. As a matter of fact, he loved it enough to shave his beard, put on a skirt, bra and pantyhose in order to portray, what may be, the worlds ugliest cheerleader!
The theater provided me with a home and friends and ways to express myself that I never found anywhere else. Sometimes I miss it very much. But mostly, I cherish the memories and go back to the job I love...being the Mama in this crazy family.


Salesdiva said...

Joe Looks BEAUTIFUL! I must have him. HA HA. Glad you had a great time. Looks like fun.

Salesdiva said...
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