Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I have found my missing books

There is a 3rd closet in my room. I knew it was there. I even remember (now) telling the movers they could stick some book cartons in there until I could find room for them. But upon the gentleman filling the closet and shutting the door, I promptly erased it from my memory. I have been wandering around peeking in boxes, looking under beds and crawling around in that out building trying to find my books. I mean, how can I be expected to settle in to a strange house without my books! It's unthinkable!!!!

Today, as I sat waiting for my son to finish his physical. Joe happened to call and I mentioned I was fretting over my loss. He asked me if I had checked that 3rd closet. Third closet? Oh yeah! Imagine my embarassment, as I dug out 4 boxes of my precious literature from a closet that I pass every single time I enter or leave my own bedroom! Sigh. I really am getting nuttier by the day.

None the less, I am much, much better now as I settle in with a nice cup of Amaretto de-caf and scan the shelves to see which volume I will fall asleep with tonight. Sigh. I am a happy girl.

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