Monday, June 12, 2006

The older I get the less I need

Lying in bed the other morning, while I waited for my darling husband to bring me coffee and rolls, it suddenly came to me that I have everything in the world that's important and I don't really need such a big house and so much stuff.

I've been recycling, freecycling and and simplifying. Too much stuff means too much time wasted taking care of all that stuff. I only have minutes a day to read or listen to music. I have to schedule time to pray. And the things I love to do, garden, painting, walking the dogs....well, I just don't get to enjoy those things very often anymore. Why? Because the house needs cleaning or the laundry needs doing or the grass needs mowing. Endless jobs required to keep up the pool, the car, the yard.....are these things we own worth the time and money and energy they take to maintain? I don't think so.

So, when we move we're downsizing. I want smaller, cozier and simpler. Less grass to mow. Less carpets to clean. Less is more......more time, more peace, just more!!!!

Maybe I'm finally growing up?

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