Sunday, June 04, 2006

dreaming of sweeter things

Another long Sunday afternoon. Joe has gone back to Philmont and the children are being, well, children. I am working on some aprons and a new painting. I'm also dreaming of a future life. One where we have some space and some peace and Joe is home and working for himself instead of someone else.

Joe would like to be somewhere on the Chesapeake.....while I would prefer Virginia, there's also Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware to be considered. (Just forget D.C.! No way! No how!)

We're talking about, perhaps, opening a bed and breakfast. Though it would be hard work, it would be so lovely. I visualize a romantic place on the water, within walking distance of museums, antique stores and restaurants. There would be time to enjoy life among fresh air and kind neighbors.

Wouldn't it be lovely???

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