Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Packing up

The anxiety of not knowing whether we're moving or not is finally over. What's more, we've found a glorious house just a few miles away. We should be closing on or about the 25th of October, but we'll have access to the house the 3 days preceeding close, in order that we can move all of our things in.

The older boys will remain at their same schools. The 2 youngest will be changing to a new elementary school. I think that may be a good thing and even they are getting excited about it.

It seems so strange to me to be going from 150 acres to 2, not to mention going from this old farmhouse to a beautiful old Victorian home. I feel like an actress changing roles! I suppose in a way I am.


Toni said...

Hi Terri! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog :) I enjoy meeting new friends and hope you stop by again!

I know you'll be quite busy with your upcoming move. I've done that more times then I like to admit! Your new home sounds wonderful and I'm sure the Lord has many GOOD things instore for you and your family there!! Take care!

berryhead said...

Hi Terri! wow! We've got loads in common! found you on toni's blog..I'm moving in exactly 4 days:) I can't wait! I'll be in touch! And best wishes to you're family as you switch gears;)