Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's election day....have you voted yet?

I don't think I have missed voting in an election since I turned 18. It is a privilege that I take seriously. I try to understand the issues. I do not necessarily vote down party lines. I'm sure you and I might disagree on many different issues and/or candidates. But this one thing I believe.  It is not only our right as Americans to vote; it is our duty.

So, before work, during your day,  or after supper,  go make your choices.. Make your opinions felt and heard. Don't let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count. And the more of us who believe that, the more we can show the politicians who REALLY  runs this country of ours. 


   P.S.  If you have neighbors or know people at church who are home bound or just aren't able to get out much, stop by and see if they need a ride to the polls.

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Diane said...

I did and all but 2 of my votes counted!